Writing Update – November

The Soldier and the Slave I’m happy with the initial interest in The Soldier and the Slave, and it continues to do well in the Kindle version (less so with the print version). My current Kindle Select contract is up on January 6th, and I’m considering whether or not I should leave it in theContinue reading “Writing Update – November”

Free Story – Exigent

I love the concept of imaginary time in quantum mechanics, so it was inevitable that I would use it in a story at some point. The free story for September is called Exigent. It’s actually the shortest story I’ve written so far (less than 4,000 words), and is the first science-fiction story I’ve posted on this site. Click hereContinue reading “Free Story – Exigent”

Writing Update – August

  The Soldier and the Slave For various reasons related to setting everything up on the back end, the dates in my last writing update turned out to be off by a week. Here are the corrected dates: Today (Sunday, August 21): The Goodreads Giveaway is live! Five lucky people will receive a free copy ofContinue reading “Writing Update – August”

Writing Update – July

Continuing with my new blogging plan I outlined here… The Soldier and the Slave So, needless to say, getting The Soldier and the Slave to published status has taken longer than I planned. I ended up making another full pass through the entire book again in order to improve a couple of areas that IContinue reading “Writing Update – July”