The Severed Oath Sale

I’m happy to announce a sale for the next four days only. From April 1 through April 4, The Severed Oath will be on sale for only $0.99 in the Kindle store. I’ve been told consistently by readers that this is their favorite novel in the Tales of the Undying Empire series, and soContinue reading “The Severed Oath Sale”

March 2022 Update

Yes, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything on the blog. Obviously, the last couple of years have been…weird…to say the least. But I’m still here and still writing. My fifth novel, and the second book in the Undying Empire: Rebellion trilogy, The Traitor and the Thief, is now available in both KindleContinue reading “March 2022 Update”

End-of-Year Update (and Changes)

As we near the end of 2018, I figured it was time for me to take a look at my writing goals and see how well I’ve been doing, and if I need to make some adjustments. This was an interesting exercise, and it comes with some realizations that I wasn’t terribly happy to see,Continue reading “End-of-Year Update (and Changes)”

Writing Update – June 2018

There are a few things I want to write about this week regarding my novels and RPG products. The Traitor and the Thief Novel Yes, this has taken far longer to publish than any of my previous novels. I’m still hard at work on it, though I ran into a few structural issues that basicallyContinue reading “Writing Update – June 2018”

2017 – Not the year I expected

As we hit mid-December, we near the time when every blogger, columnist, podcaster and reporter thinks about doing a piece on the year we’re about to complete. Some of them wait until the very end of December, some wait until the beginning of January, but either way many will succumb to the lure of lookingContinue reading “2017 – Not the year I expected”

Writing Update – July 2017

List of Projects: The Traitor and the Thief – Rewriting almost completed. Origin – Awaiting review and decision on how to move forward. The Revenant and the Reaper – Outline completed, chapter-by-chapter plan completed. The Darkness in the Deep – Outline completed, chapter-by-chapter plan completed. This Vision of Darkness – Adventure completed, available for saleContinue reading “Writing Update – July 2017”

Writing Update – April 2017

  This month I’m going to change around how I do these updates to make it clearer the order in which things are happening. I’m also adding a summary list at the top if you just want to know the status. List of projects: Tales of the Undying Empire – Kindle and print versions availableContinue reading “Writing Update – April 2017”

Writing Update – March 2017

I’m going to change up the order of my updates this month to highlight the biggest news first. Tales of the Undying Empire The Kindle Omnibus Edition of the first three novels in the Tales of the Undying Empire series is now live at Amazon! I’ve priced this Omnibus so that you get all threeContinue reading “Writing Update – March 2017”

Writing Update – February 2017

This month is a fairly short update, but overall things are moving well and I’m excited by how these projects are going. The Traitor and the Thief The manuscript for this book is essentially complete. I’ve got a couple of scenes that I’m going back to rewrite, but that will be done by the endContinue reading “Writing Update – February 2017”

Writing Update – January

The Traitor and the Thief The manuscript for The Traitor and the Thief is almost done! I’ve made some great progress on the book, though I did discover a problem that required me to go back and rework a couple of earlier chapters. However, I expect that I’ll have the draft completed by the endContinue reading “Writing Update – January”