Free RPG Materials

I’m a big fan of roleplaying games, and I’ve been gaming pretty steadily for about thirty-five years. I’ve played a lot of different games (too many to count), and I’ve created a lot of materials for various systems and settings over the years.

I’m going to continue to create new stuff for various RPGs in my blog, and when a piece is complete, I will post the final version of it here.

Draconem-Sub-Sector-FinalThe Draconem Sub-Sector

All 40 world descriptions, plus multiple adventure hooks for each, plus a color star-map, plus all the relevant notes from these blog posts, all in one document.

Download from DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want (including free)

Download from WordPress

I’ve also added a page of Patron Encounters for the world of Bitan, with 36 possible patrons and dozens of adventure hooks.

Download from WordPress

HQ2_DnDCharacters-NoPics-1HeroQuest RPG Characters for D&D

Sample characters for the HeroQuest based on D&D tropes. Includes male and female versions of each character. References to place names, deities and organizations are from the Ptolus setting by Monte Cook.

Download from WordPress

Here is a sample grimoire, based on the Wizardry magic system in the HeroQuest core rulebook “Gaming in Glorantha” chapter.

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