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I’m a big fan of roleplaying games, and I’ve been gaming pretty steadily for about thirty-five years. I’ve played a lot of different games (too many to count), and I’ve created a lot of materials for various systems and settings over the years.

I’m going to continue to create new stuff for various RPGs in my blog, and when a piece is complete, I will post the final version of it here.

Draconem-Sub-Sector-FinalThe Draconem Sub-Sector

All 40 world descriptions, plus multiple adventure hooks for each, plus a color star-map, plus all the relevant notes from these blog posts, all in one document.

Download from DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want (including free)

Download from WordPress

I’ve also added a page of Patron Encounters for the world of Bitan, with 36 possible patrons and dozens of adventure hooks.

Download from WordPress

HQ2_DnDCharacters-NoPics-1HeroQuest RPG Characters for D&D

Sample characters for the HeroQuest based on D&D tropes. Includes male and female versions of each character. References to place names, deities and organizations are from the Ptolus setting by Monte Cook.

Download from WordPress

Here is the blank version of that character sheet.

Download from WordPress

Here is a sample grimoire, based on the Wizardry magic system in the HeroQuest core rulebook “Gaming in Glorantha” chapter.

Download from WordPress

Articles on Using the HeroQuest RPG for D&D

This series of articles explores how one might use the HeroQuest rules to run a D&D-style campaign. Click on the links below to go to the individual articles.

Feng Shui RPG Action Espionage Archetypes

This downloadable PDF contains new archetypes for the Feng Shui RPG, focused on current action-espionage movies such as Mission Impossible. It takes some core elements from the Spycraft RPG and translates them into Feng Shui terms.



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