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The Traitor and the Thief

The second book in the Undying Empire: Rebellion trilogy is now available from Amazon.

In the city of Ythis, rebellion brews.

Laita Naschect has sworn to bring down the Emperor, no matter the cost. Infiltrating the city of Ythis, she must keep her soldiers safe while hiding from those who consider her a traitor. Are rumors of an underground resistance the opening she needs, or is it a trap set by those who want her dead?

Life in a gang has never brought Phana peace. Lately, she has tried to distract herself with ever more dangerous thefts from the nobles of Ythis. But when a dark figure begins to pursue her across the city, she must decide if she truly wants to learn about her past and why she is a target.

Great forces move through Ythis, playing a game that has lasted for centuries, and weaving threads that bind these two women together in ways they have never imagined.

The Traitor and the Thief is the second book in the Undying Empire: Rebellion trilogy. If you like richly developed characters, political intrigue, and action and adventure in a dark, sprawling fantasy city, then you’ll love The Traitor and the Thief.