Writing Update – July

Continuing with my new blogging plan I outlined hereā€¦ The Soldier and the Slave So, needless to say, getting The Soldier and the Slave to published status has taken longer than I planned. I ended up making another full pass through the entire book again in order to improve a couple of areas that IContinue reading “Writing Update – July”

iTunes and Diesel now have The Tower of Dust

The Tower of Dust is now live on iTunes in the U.S., Canada, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the novel is now available from Diesel ebooks. I have been advised that the Sony ebook store, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo will be receiving the book by the end of this week. IContinue reading “iTunes and Diesel now have The Tower of Dust”

The Tower of Dust is now available!

The first novel set in the city of Ythis is now available. The Tower of Dust is a dark sword and sorcery story involving demons, knife fights in dark alleys, evil sorcerers, mad priests, betrayals, and a mind-shattering god. The official blurb: In the city of Ythis, everything comes with a hidden price. For BoroltContinue reading “The Tower of Dust is now available!”