Free Fiction – The Broken Temple of Yinak

My first Kaus Kagunvar story is now up!

After editing, it actually came down in word count a bit, so I just missed the technical definition of novella by about a thousand words. But, at just more than 16,000 words, it’s pretty darn close. And more important than the word count is that I’m very happy with how the story turned out.

I love Robert E. Howard’s writing style, and this story is a bit of an homage to him (or as close as I could come to someone who was such a master of raw, visceral storytelling).

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is only the first of the Kaus Kagunvar stories. I have a feeling that I’ll be returning this character again and again over the next few years, as I already have a number of story ideas that I’d love to tell about his exploits on the high seas.

I hope you enjoy.

Free Story – Springtime

I tried to write a positive, uplifting story. I really tried.

But there’s been something about March this year that has my thoughts taking a dark turn.

This month’s free story is called Springtime. It’s not what you might expect from the title, though it is the story that was in my head and needed to come out.

This was another one of those that came to me fully formed and my fingers could barely type fast enough to get it all out.

I hope you enjoy.

Free Story – Inheritance

This month’s story has a great deal of personal meaning to me.

March 12th will be six years since my father passed away. At the time, he was experiencing severe dementia and was forced to live in a facility where he could be properly cared for.

I wrote this story quite some time ago but I’ve held off publishing it until now. While the story itself is fiction, of course, there is a great deal of reality in the thoughts and emotions which reflect how I felt when we were going through this with him in 2010 and 2011. I needed a bit of that distance that fiction brings or would never have been able to write it.

I have kept this story on my hard drive for years, and reading it again recently was far more difficult than I thought it would be. But I’m at the point where I feel ready to share it, and so here it is.

The story is called Inheritance, and this one is, most definitely, entirely from the heart.

Free Story – Forgotten

As I mentioned last week, this month’s story takes place in the Undying Empire, in Ythis itself.

Undead are fun to write about, and so I decided to use a character who was mentioned in passing in chapter 13 of The Tower of Dust. Just another way to tie it all together and make Ythis a living, breathing city (figuratively, of course, since we’re talking about the undead).

And this is another story that just begs for a sequel. I keep doing this to myself, but I love setting up situations in stories and then leaving them for a while before revisiting them again. So you can expect that I’ll be coming back to these characters at some point.

Click here to read Forgotten, and I hope you enjoy.

Free Story – Unhidden

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and your celebrations brought everything you wished for.

This month’s story is one of my shortest so far. It’s called Unhidden, and I have a feeling that this is one character I will revisit at some point in the future.

I hope everyone has a happy New Year’s Eve celebration, and I’ll be back on New Year’s Day with a new post.


Free Story – Snowfall

This month, I return to the world of the Undying Empire with a new story, Snowfall. If you’ve read The Witch’s Path, you probably don’t have a very good opinion of the Witch Hunters. This month’s story is told from the viewpoint of those who see themselves as the protectors of the citizens of the Empire from evil creatures who consort with spirits to gain unholy power.

Of course, the world can look very different depending on your point of view.

I’m particularly proud of this story. I feel it came out exactly as I wanted.

As always, I hope you enjoy the story.

Free Story – Reflection

Hallowe’en is almost here. So this month I decided to write an actual horror story. Some people considered August’s story, Pages, to be horror, and it certainly has some creepy elements, but Reflection is straight horror.

As always, I enjoyed writing this one. It didn’t come out exactly as I had originally envisioned it, but sometimes the first idea just doesn’t work when the actual writing starts. That’s when, as a writer, you have to go with what works, and not keep yourself restrained by the original plan.

I hope you enjoy Reflection. Next month, I return to the world of the Undying Empire with a story I actually wrote in 2015, and is the longest short story I’ve written yet.

Free Story – Exigent

I love the concept of imaginary time in quantum mechanics, so it was inevitable that I would use it in a story at some point.

The free story for September is called Exigent. It’s actually the shortest story I’ve written so far (less than 4,000 words), and is the first science-fiction story I’ve posted on this site.

Click here to read Exigent.

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Free Story – Pages

As promised, here is my free short story, Pages, for August 2016. I didn’t go into this one thinking about Lovecraft, but it dragged me inexorably toward the final result. I hope you enjoy.

Of course, I have to mention my next novel, The Soldier and the Slave. This is the first book in what I believe is a great trilogy that permanently alters the Undying Empire.

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That’s it for this week. Enjoy the new short story.