Undying Empire: Rebellion (Trilogy)

Kied Leele, traitor to the Empire, has set himself on a path to deny the Emperor a dangerous prize that will result in the slaughter of innocent civilians. But Kied doesn’t know if he can trust his companion, a man whose terrible secrets may herald the return of ancient beings long thought dead.

Laita Naschect has sworn to bring down the Emperor, no matter the cost. Infiltrating the city of Ythis, she must keep her soldiers safe while hiding from those who consider her a traitor.

Phana tries to distract herself with ever more dangerous thefts from the nobles of Ythis. But when a dark figure begins to pursue her across the city, she must decide if she truly wants to learn about her past and why she is a target.

Great forces move through the city, playing a game that has lasted for centuries, and weaving threads that bind these two women together in ways they have never imagined.

The Revenant and the Reaper forthcoming in 2022

As dark forces gather in the city of Ythis, Laita Naschect prepares her remaining soldiers for their final assault on the Emperor’s palace, while searching for a candidate to replace the evil ruler. With her new ally, Phana, and the woman’s remarkable power, there is hope for success. But Phana has a secret of her own that could upset all of Laita’s plans. For one thought dead has risen, and there is no mercy left in this being’s soul.

Tales of the Undying Empire (Ongoing Series)

In the city of Ythis, everything comes with a hidden price. For Borolt Zale, the price of continuing his war against the Church was to give himself over to the service of another, possibly greater, evil – the sorcerer Veylar Dust.

When a sudden, violent death in the Tower of Dust triggers a new problem that may signal the beginning of the end for the city of Ythis, Borolt Zale must solve the puzzle of a demon’s broken binding while escaping the Church’s mad plots to bring down the sorcerers of Ythis, and the enemies of Veylar Dust who rival even his dark power.

Leyndra Jirau has taken an oath to protect the head of the Idaphos noble family from all threats, both within and without. She finds herself outmatched, however, when a host of living shadows assaults her employer in his own home. Now, responsible for the death of the man she had sworn to protect, Leyndra finds herself on the run from the law of Ythis, a target of the Imperial Guard, and the prey of some…thing…that exists beyond death.

Hunted through the streets of Ythis, Leyndra must find a way to clear her name and settle the score with the being who set these events in motion. But when she gains the attention of one of the sorcerers of Ythis, events threaten to drag her down into darkness, and consume the lives of those she cares about most.

Jadir has taken care of his little sister, Marilsa, for as long as he can remember. But when she starts to dream about a man with yellow cat eyes who is able to harm her in the physical world, Jadir finds himself unable to help. As Jadir discovers one painful truth after another, the spirit seems to impose undue influence over Marilsa, driving her to ever stranger and more dangerous acts.

Hiding from Witch Hunters, followed by the Church, and drawn to the new Tower of Ash, Jadir must rely on his friends to help him save his sister from the stalking spirit. But even his closest friends have intentions of their own, and some secrets are better left unknown.

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