An Acceptable Level of Risk

This week’s post came out of some pondering I was doing after I wrote about introducing a couple of new people to the hobby last week. Specifically, about how one of the players ended up bouncing off the system a few times as the dice didn’t want to cooperate with his idea of how heContinue reading “An Acceptable Level of Risk”

Action-Espionage in RPGs

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve seen every James Bond movie ever made. Some I’ve watched over and over, and others (anything with Timothy Dalton) I’ve only seen once. I know they are not real espionage movies—they’re action movies with a thin veneer of espionage trappings sprinkled over them…sometimes. But I’m okay with that.Continue reading “Action-Espionage in RPGs”

Espionage Games in Fate – Part 4

Here is the fourth and final part of my series of posts on espionage gaming with Fate Core, using some of the ideas for “streamlined” systems from the original Spycraft rpg published by AEG back in 2002. The other articles can be found at these links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Physical InfiltrationContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate – Part 4”

Espionage Games in Fate – Part 3

This is a continuation of my posts about using some of the ideas in the first edition of the Spycraft RPG to run espionage games in Fate Core. Post 1 – Introduction Post 2 – Physical Infiltration The elements that I’m discussing are: Physical Infiltration Face-to-Face Infiltration Electronic Infiltration (System Hacking) Direct Assault Interrogation SeductionContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate – Part 3”

Espionage Games in Fate Core – Part 2

Last week, I talked about some of the great systems in the original d20 edition of the Spycraft RPG that allowed the GM to run streamlined versions of some of the key elements that appear in high-action espionage games. These include: Physical Infiltration Face-to-Face Infiltration Electronic Infiltration (System Hacking) Direct Assault Interrogation Seduction Area PursuitsContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate Core – Part 2”

Espionage Games in Fate

Back in 2002, AEG released the Spycraft RPG, an espionage-oriented game that captured my interest (and dollars). It was based off the d20 system engine, and was pretty crunch-heavy, but it was a great base from which to do games about dashing superspies. In 2005, the second edition of the game was released. It triedContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate”

Fate Accelerated Edition Supers – Part 1

I originally stumbled across the Fate RPG back when it was an acronym that stood for “Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment.” It’s a great game, and later iterations only got better. And while Fate Core is wonderful, Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) is even better. It boils down what I want in a game to itsContinue reading “Fate Accelerated Edition Supers – Part 1”