Feng Shui Action-Espionage Archetypes – Final

Last week I posted the archetypes for my Feng Shui RPG action-espionage campaign. However, there were a number of references in the Awesoming Up! section for each archetype that includes Schticks that don’t appear in the Feng Shui core rulebook. This week, I’ve updated the PDF download to include these additional Schticks, as well asContinue reading “Feng Shui Action-Espionage Archetypes – Final”

Feng Shui Character Archetypes

Last week, I talked about using the Feng Shui Second Edition RPG from Atlas Games for my action-espionage campaign. I’m continuing to move ahead with this plan, but I’m developing some new archetypes that are appropriate for this kind of game. I previewed the Face, Hacker, and Intruder archetypes last week, so this week I’m goingContinue reading “Feng Shui Character Archetypes”

Feng Shui Action-Espionage

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’ve been thinking about what system to use for my high-action espionage campaign that I’m planning to run. Last week, I talked about the core elements that I wanted to focus on in the game, and was looking at different systems so that I could chooseContinue reading “Feng Shui Action-Espionage”

Espionage Games in Fate – Part 4

Here is the fourth and final part of my series of posts on espionage gaming with Fate Core, using some of the ideas for “streamlined” systems from the original Spycraft rpg published by AEG back in 2002. The other articles can be found at these links: Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Physical InfiltrationContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate – Part 4”

Espionage Games in Fate – Part 3

This is a continuation of my posts about using some of the ideas in the first edition of the Spycraft RPG to run espionage games in Fate Core. Post 1 – Introduction Post 2 – Physical Infiltration The elements that I’m discussing are: Physical Infiltration Face-to-Face Infiltration Electronic Infiltration (System Hacking) Direct Assault Interrogation SeductionContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate – Part 3”

Espionage Games in Fate Core – Part 2

Last week, I talked about some of the great systems in the original d20 edition of the Spycraft RPG that allowed the GM to run streamlined versions of some of the key elements that appear in high-action espionage games. These include: Physical Infiltration Face-to-Face Infiltration Electronic Infiltration (System Hacking) Direct Assault Interrogation Seduction Area PursuitsContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate Core – Part 2”

Espionage Games in Fate

Back in 2002, AEG released the Spycraft RPG, an espionage-oriented game that captured my interest (and dollars). It was based off the d20 system engine, and was pretty crunch-heavy, but it was a great base from which to do games about dashing superspies. In 2005, the second edition of the game was released. It triedContinue reading “Espionage Games in Fate”