Feng Shui Character Archetypes

Last week, I talked about using the Feng Shui Second Edition RPG from Atlas Games for my action-espionage campaign. I’m continuing to move ahead with this plan, but I’m developing some new archetypes that are appropriate for this kind of game.

I previewed the Face, Hacker, and Intruder archetypes last week, so this week I’m going to preview the Snoop, Soldier, Squad Leader and Wheel Artist.


The snoop is an electronic surveillance specialist.




The soldier is purely about combat. I had considered just renaming the Ex-Special Forces archetype from the Feng Shui rulebook, but I wanted to customize it a bit and make him a bit better at taking down mooks as well. So he’s basically a strange mixture of the Ex-Special Forces and Killer archetypes.


Squad Leader

The squad leader is actually based on the Pointman class from the Spycraft RPG, in case there is any confusion. I decided to rename it because I’ve never really thought Pointman was a good name—it gives the idea of a lone stealthy scout ahead of the main group. The Pointman class, however, was a team leader, designed to help the other members succeed better at their own actions, and to fill in any skill gaps in the team.

So here is the Squad Leader.


Wheel Artist

The wheel artist is, obviously, about vehicles. However, this character is not just about cars—the A Ride is a Ride schtick means this character doesn’t suffer from unfamiliar vehicle penalties. So if someone takes this archetype for his or her character, then there will be all kinds of cool vehicles to operate, including cars and other wheeled or tracked vehicles, helicopters and jets, various watercraft, etc.



As mentioned last week, I’m working on developing these as full archetypes, so I’m doing up the archetype write-ups and so forth, and will then make these available as a PDF download.

I hope others find these useful in their own games as well.

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