Writing Update – May 2017

A short update this month, as there are just a couple of things on which I’ve been working. List of Projects: The Traitor and the Thief – Rewriting sections before going to first readers. The Broken Temple of Yinak – Completed and published. Origin – Awaiting review and decision on how to move forward. TheContinue reading “Writing Update – May 2017”

Traveller – The Draconem Subsector

Last week, I decided to create a sub-sector using just the original Traveller little black books from the original 1977 edition of the game. Again, I want to link to this amazing series of blog posts by Christopher Kubasik where he examines how differently the game plays when one understands and embraces the intent ofContinue reading “Traveller – The Draconem Subsector”

Gaming Material – Traveller

I’ve reached a point where I want to make a bit of a change to the material that I’m posting on the blog. Gaming, particularly RPG gaming, is a huge part of my life. While I love writing novels and short stories, I also love to create materials for my favorite RPG games. So I’mContinue reading “Gaming Material – Traveller”

Talislanta: The Savage Land…still no elves!

  Back at the beginning of 1987, a small company named Bard Games released a very cool new roleplaying game called Talislanta. Ads in Dragon Magazine loudly proclaimed “no elves…” and explained that it was for people “tired of ‘look-alike’ fantasy games.”   The world of Talislanta was densely populated with alien cultures, strange races,Continue reading “Talislanta: The Savage Land…still no elves!”

Why are you using THAT edition?

I’ve written previously that I’m running an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game for my son and some of his friends. And since then, a number of people have asked me why I’m not using the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Their arguments generally revolve around a) the books are in print and available, andContinue reading “Why are you using THAT edition?”

Jason Bourne versus…Vampires?!?

  I’m not afraid to admit that I have a problem. I buy more role-playing game books than I will ever have time to play, despite my sincere desire to do so. There are whole lines of games that I absolutely love, and for which I have purchased all (or at least the vast majority)Continue reading “Jason Bourne versus…Vampires?!?”

The First Few Levels

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m running a first-edition AD&D game for my son a few other kids in the 10-12 age range. My primary goal is to give them a great experience so that they enjoy the game and look fondly at the RPG hobby in the future. I’m not trying to indoctrinateContinue reading “The First Few Levels”

Which Forgotten Realms? All of them!

Later today, I’m going to be starting a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign with a bunch of kids aged 10-12, including my son. When I was planning this game, I considered a number of different system, including various editions of Dungons & Dragons, RuneQuest, the Omega system (found in the excellent Atlantis: Second Age), andContinue reading “Which Forgotten Realms? All of them!”

New Conan RPG

Kickstarter can be a mixed bag, especially when it comes to roleplaying games. Some Kickstarter projects launch, hit their funding levels, and deliver on the promises to backers without any issues. Sine Nomine and Khepera Publishing are two great examples of companies who do it right. Then, there are the Kickstarters that encounter all kinds of problems. TheContinue reading “New Conan RPG”

7th Sea Second Edition

As mentioned before, I’m an avid player of pen-and-paper roleplaying games. I’ve been playing for 35 years, and have at least tried well over a hundred different games at this point. Because I’m a natural storyteller, I’ve always been interested in games that really work to emulate the feel of the fiction that I readContinue reading “7th Sea Second Edition”