Free Story – Forgotten

As I mentioned last week, this month’s story takes place in the Undying Empire, in Ythis itself. Undead are fun to write about, and so I decided to use a character who was mentioned in passing in chapter 13 of The Tower of Dust. Just another way to tie it all together and make YthisContinue reading “Free Story – Forgotten”

The Witch’s Path Update

The first draft of The Witch’s Path is finished! The final story turned out quite different than I had originally planned, but I think it will be much stronger than my initial idea. But the change in focus also necessitated a change in the cover image, so if you were one of the winners of aContinue reading “The Witch’s Path Update”

The Severed Oath is available December 5th, 2013

The second book in the Tales of the Undying Empire series, The Severed Oath, is set for release on December 5th, 2013. The ebook will be available from all top ebook sellers (KoboBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, DriveThruFiction, Sony, etc.), and the physical book will be available from Amazon. I hope everyone enjoys thisContinue reading “The Severed Oath is available December 5th, 2013”

The Severed Oath – Update

The manuscript for The Severed Oath is finished! It took a lot longer than I intended, but sometimes life gets in the way and derails the best-laid plans. Regardless, it will shortly be off for editing. Keep an eye out here for the announcement when the ebook and print version are available from the usualContinue reading “The Severed Oath – Update”

Fantasy Cities

Lankhmar, Sanctuary, Darujhistan, Tanelorn, Bas Lang… I love fantasy cities. As settings go, there’s something about an interesting fantasy city that just sets my imagination running. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy fantasy stories set outside an urban environment. However, few non-urban settings can carry so many different, complete stories in such close proximityContinue reading “Fantasy Cities”