Free Fiction – The Broken Temple of Yinak

My first Kaus Kagunvar story is now up!

After editing, it actually came down in word count a bit, so I just missed the technical definition of novella by about a thousand words. But, at just more than 16,000 words, it’s pretty darn close. And more important than the word count is that I’m very happy with how the story turned out.

I love Robert E. Howard’s writing style, and this story is a bit of an homage to him (or as close as I could come to someone who was such a master of raw, visceral storytelling).

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is only the first of the Kaus Kagunvar stories. I have a feeling that I’ll be returning this character again and again over the next few years, as I already have a number of story ideas that I’d love to tell about his exploits on the high seas.

I hope you enjoy.

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