HeroQuest and D&D – Magic, Part 2

Last week, I talked about how to represent wizards and arcane magic in a HeroQuest-based D&D or Pathfinder game. This week, I want to touch on divine magic/spellcasters, and then talk about D&D-style magic items. Divine Magic In most ways, divine magic works just like arcane magic: There are many discrete, individual spells. The cleric (orContinue reading “HeroQuest and D&D – Magic, Part 2”

HeroQuest and D&D – What About Magic?

This continues my series of posts about using the HeroQuest RPG to run a D&D-style campaign. Previous posts in this series can be found here: Part 1: HeroQuest RPG: Not Just for Glorantha Part 2: HeroQuest – But Can It Do D&D? Part 3: HeroQuest and D&D – Adventure Breakdown In the course of thisContinue reading “HeroQuest and D&D – What About Magic?”

HeroQuest and D&D – Adventure Breakdown

I received a number of interesting questions about my last post on using HeroQuest to run D&D-style campaigns, and so this post is going to outline how I would run a Pathfinder Adventure Path with HQ. Campaign Styles As I mentioned in my previous post, D&D encompasses many different styles of play, and so two D&DContinue reading “HeroQuest and D&D – Adventure Breakdown”