End-of-Year Update (and Changes)

As we near the end of 2018, I figured it was time for me to take a look at my writing goals and see how well I’ve been doing, and if I need to make some adjustments. This was an interesting exercise, and it comes with some realizations that I wasn’t terribly happy to see,Continue reading “End-of-Year Update (and Changes)”

2017 – Not the year I expected

As we hit mid-December, we near the time when every blogger, columnist, podcaster and reporter thinks about doing a piece on the year we’re about to complete. Some of them wait until the very end of December, some wait until the beginning of January, but either way many will succumb to the lure of lookingContinue reading “2017 – Not the year I expected”

Shifting into High(er) Gear

Hi everyone. I think it’s safe to say my blogging habits have been…sporadic…at best. This is partly due to me being focused on the writing of my novels, and partly because I wasn’t taking a coherent approach to it. But I’m about to change that. Now, I’m not going to jump right into blogging everyContinue reading “Shifting into High(er) Gear”