Shifting into High(er) Gear

Hi everyone.

I think it’s safe to say my blogging habits have been…sporadic…at best. This is partly due to me being focused on the writing of my novels, and partly because I wasn’t taking a coherent approach to it.

But I’m about to change that. Now, I’m not going to jump right into blogging every day or anything like that. Instead, I’ve developed a weekly schedule that I’m confident I’ll be able to stick with over the long term. That’s not a guarantee that I’ll hit every milestone, of course. Life happens, and we all have to be adaptable.

However, I fully admit that I’m a creature of habit. I do best when I can get into a reliable routine. And so, for the next while I’m going to be posting on the following weekly schedule.

Note that all new blog posts will be uploaded on Sunday mornings, probably around 10:00 am EST.

First Sunday of the month: I’ll be posting about reading and writing. These posts will focus on the craft of writing, and things I’m noticing while I read other books (usually fiction novels). I’ll talk a little bit about how different writers approach the same situation, and how I’ve found what works best for me.

Second Sunday of the month: This is where I’m just going to talk about cool stuff I’ve found, experienced, played with, etc. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not usually on the cutting edge of, well, anything. So it’s likely that I’ll “discover” something that most of you already know about. But perhaps I’ll turn someone onto something they had never heard of before, and sharing cool stuff is always fun.

Third Sunday of the month: This is going to be an update on my own writing. I’ll talk about the status of my books, where I am on my current project, what’s in the pipeline, and related stuff.

Fourth Sunday of the month: At the end of each month, I’ll be posting a new, free short story written by me. But here’s the thing…these will be first drafts, with only the most cursory editing.  I’ll make sure there are no spelling mistakes and other typos, but these stories will be raw from my brain to the screen. Hopefully you’ll find a few gems in there among the rocks.

Fifth Sunday of the month: This doesn’t happen that often, so I’ll be using these as a free-for-all. I’ll talk about whatever captures my fancy that week.

The posts will kick off this Sunday morning (July 10th) with a “cool stuff” post.

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