The Best Laid Plans…

My last blog post shows me why it’s never a good idea to throw out a possible release date until things are finalized. Needless to say, I didn’t hit my (hopeful) late-June release for The Witch’s Path. However, things are nearing completion, and I will have a firm date shortly.

The announcement of the release date will coincide with the start of the giveaway on Goodreads, which will run for a month.

In addition, Amazon just announced that pre-orders are now available for indie-published books. So, my plan is to set up the pre-orders to start at the same time as the contest.

The sequence of events will be thus:

1) Amazon pre-orders and Goodreads giveaway contest starts on same day.

2) One month later, Goodreads contest ends and winners are announced. Books are shipped to the winners.

3) 1-2 weeks later, book has general release in electronic and print format and Amazon pre-orders are fulfilled.

I will also announce it here when everything is up.

In other news, I am making excellent progress on my next novel. Titled The Tower of Ash, it is a direct sequel to The Tower of Dust and stars Borolt Zale and Sulid, along with the sorcerers Veylar Dust and the Burning Crone. I’ve had a number of people ask me about what will happen next to these characters, but I was waiting for the story to fully gel in my mind first. But everything is now planned out, and the writing is coming along nicely. Further, I also have a pretty good idea of how their story will continue/wrap-up in a third and final book focused on these characters, for which I already have a tentative title (which I will reveal later).

Good reading, everybody.

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