The Tower of Dust

The first book of the Tales of the Undying Empire series

There are thousands of tales in the Undying Empire, and this is just one—a standalone story of swords and sorcery.


In the city of Ythis, everything comes with a hidden price. For Borolt Zale, the price of continuing his war against the Church of Iathephos was to give himself over to the service of another, possibly greater, evil – the sorcerer Veylar Dust.

A great beast inhabits the Bay of Ythis, demanding blood sacrifice from ships entering the harbor, while Borolt works to uncover the truth behind the creature. But a sudden, violent death in the Tower of Dust triggers a new problem that may signal the beginning of the end for the city of Ythis.

Surrounded by powerful forces of darkness, Borolt Zale must solve the puzzle of a demon’s broken binding while escaping the Church’s mad plots to bring down the sorcerers of Ythis – and avoiding the enemies of Veylar Dust who rival even his dark power.

The book that started it all, The Tower of Dust is the first novel set in the world of the Undying Empire. Each novel is a standalone story, and one does not have to read the Tales in any particular order.

The Tower of Dust is available as an ebook from:

It is also available in print from Amazon.

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