Rooms with a View Announcement

Back in 2004, I published a PDF supplement for D&D 3.5 named Rooms with a View. When the official d20 Trademark license was revoked in June 2008, I pulled the PDF from sale with the intention of eventually stripping out any references to anything related to the d20 license and putting it back up.

Ten years later…

Okay, so I got busy with other things. A lot of other things. But I was recently looking at my old files and I realized there is actually a lot less work to get it compliant than I had thought.

In fact, as I write this, the 3.5 version is already finished. But it also occurred to me that this would be a good source book for 5th edition as well. After all, these are non-combat encounters, and the value is in the ideas, which are pretty much edition-neutral.

So I’ve also created another version with 5E stats, and I will be putting out both the original 3.5 and 5E versions of this book.

Right now, I’m just in the process of redoing all the maps in the product. As you can see from my post on the update to the Betrayal at Shadewood Keep adventure last year, my ability to make decent maps has improved dramatically over the last 14 years.

I will be making both versions available in PDF and Print-on-Demand.

Here’s a bit more about the product:

Rooms with a View gives you a twelve unique locations that you can drop into any existing campaign, to use as springboards to dozens of adventures. Each location comes complete with color maps, detailed NPCs, rich history, and interesting adventure hooks that stimulate your imagination.

Cross an ensorcelled bridge into an ancient land. Visit a very special inn, where the entertainment is head and shoulders above that found anywhere else. Meet the caretaker of a dead god’s final resting place. Watch a traveling show perform legendary stories. And explore eight other locations that will keep your players coming back again and again.

Rooms with a View was written by a great team of contributors: Shannon BennettMalcolm Davies, Fred Herman, David Lalinde, Trevis D. Powell, Peter A. Shaefer, Ross A. Shaw, Garth Wright, the extremely talented Corey Reid, and ENnie Award Winner Bill Collins.

Release of these two books is easily a month—or maybe two—away. I’ll have a firmer release date in a few weeks once I order the print proofs.

In the meantime, happy gaming!

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