Draconem Sub-Sector Complete

The final dowloadable PDF for the Draconem sub-sector is now finished!

All 40 world descriptions, plus multiple adventure hooks for each, plus a color star-map, plus all the relevant notes from these blog posts, all in one document.

I’ve had a couple of people ask how they could contribute something back for this freebie, so I’ve also uploaded the document to DriveThruRPG as a Pay-What-You-Want purchase. That means you can download it from there for free, or you can contribute a couple of bucks if you think what I’ve done is worthwhile. If you already have a DTRPG account, then it means that the PDF will be added to your library, so if anything ever happens to this blog, you’ll still be able to re-download the file.

I’ve really enjoyed putting this together, and I plan to continue to produce some RPG materials each month for readers to download. I’ve already got a few ideas that I’m excited to share.

Download the Draconem Sub-Sector PDF directly from this site.

Download the Draconem Sub-Sector PDF from DriveThruRPG.

3 thoughts on “Draconem Sub-Sector Complete

  1. […]  ざっと見た感じでも1か月で作られたのが信じられない力作で、これを作者サイトで無料配布してしまう太っ腹ぶり。投げ銭したい方にはDrivethruRPGで対応しています。これまで築き上げられた第三帝国設定を普段から「重く」感じている方には必携、覚えるべき設定が少ないのでカジュアルプレイや初心者向けセッションのお供に、そうでなくても設定作りの参考やシナリオのネタ探しに使える逸品です。<!– […]

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