Writing Update – October

The Soldier and the Slave

The launch of The Soldier and the Slave last week went off as planned, and all the people who pre-ordered the book received it on Sunday.

On Monday, Black Gate published a review of The Soldier and the Slave by Donald Crankshaw. Donald also reviewed The Severed Oath back in April 2015, if you haven’t already seen that one.

Print sale:

Unfortunately, an error caused the print version to be listed at full price. This has now been corrected. Originally, I was planning on running the sale October 9-23, but since it didn’t start on time, I will now run it until October 30th. So if you want to get a print copy of the book, this is your chance to order one at the discounted price.

The print sale will run until October 30, 2016.

The Traitor and the Thief

I don’t have much to say this month about The Traitor and the Thief. Writing continues and is going well, and I’m still on track for my December 31st deadline.

A common refrain is that the middle book in a trilogy tends to be the slowest, as elements are used to set up the major conflicts that will be resolved in the third book. I’m trying to avoid this by making each of the books in the trilogy contain a “complete” story in and of itself. So, while each book contributes to the overall Undying Empire: Rebellion story, each could also stand alone.

This should help avoid the middle-drag syndrome.

The Revenant and the Reaper

I don’t really have anything to say here this month.

Short Stories

Hallowe’en takes place at the end of this month, and so I’ll be publishing a scary story to go along with the general spooky feelings. This one isn’t for the kids—it’s pretty creepy. I wrote it for anyone who’s ever been creeped out by a mirror, and I call it Reflection. Look for it next Sunday.

Someone asked me if I plan to name all my short stories with one-word titles. I started doing this without thinking about it, but I noticed what I was doing a little while ago, and I think it works well (so far). As long as I keep feeling that the one-word titles work, I’ll keep using them.

Tales of the Undying Empire

The omnibus edition is nearly complete. I’ll be getting the proofs some time this week, which gives me a bit of time to make any tweaks before my planned launch on November 1st.

The cover is now complete, so I’m happy to reveal it here:


I think this is going to be a great-looking book, and I look forward to holding it in my hands.



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