The Soldier and the Slave

Book 1 in the Undying Empire: Rebellion series

From the Undying Empire comes a new trilogy of swords, sorcery, revolution, and sacrifice.


Kied Leele is a traitor to the Empire.

Unable to follow orders that he knew to be wrong, Kied was convicted and imprisoned in a slave mine for betraying his commission as an officer in the Imperial Legion. With the executions of his subordinates who followed him weighing heavily on his soul, Kied expects the remainder of his life to be full of darkness, toil, and suffering.

The Legion—occupying the mountains in the north of the Empire—has rounded up all local civilians while a special team searches for a long-forgotten, buried object of power desired by the Emperor himself. But Kied’s new cellmate, a dangerous giant of a man, seems to know a great deal about this hidden object.

Kied believes that together, they might just be able to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians and deny the Emperor his prize. However, a long journey lies ahead of them, if they can escape the prison.

And Kied doesn’t know if he can trust his companion, a man whose terrible secrets may herald the return of ancient beings long thought dead.

The Soldier and the Slave is the first novel in the Undying Empire: Rebellion trilogy.

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The Soldier and the Slave is available in print and kindle ebook from Amazon.

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