This Vision of Darkness

A superhero adventure for Fate Accelerated Edition


Time anomalies are wreaking havoc in your home city. A time-traveling terrorist is setting himself up to rule the world. In the midst of a violent confrontation, you are thrust into your own future…and it’s worse than you ever imagined.

Only you have the power to prevent this nightmare from becoming reality. But do you have what it takes to overcome true evil and return to your own time? Or will you help bring about This Vision of Darkness?

This complete adventure is designed for Fate Accelerated Edition and contains an extensive, time-traveling adventure for newly-created superheroes.

This Vision of Darkness contains:

  • 58 pages of superhero adventuring divided into 6 exciting issues
  • 13 fully-developed villains and heroes for the PCs to befriend or fight (or both)
  • Well-developed challenges, contests and conflicts
  • Additional adventure ideas to keep your game going after you’ve saved the world

This Vision of Darkness is available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.

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