Rooms with a View

A location supplement for fantasy roleplaying games


Great adventures are the lifeblood of great campaigns.

Rooms with a View gives you twelve unique locations that you can drop into any existing campaign, to use as springboards to dozens of adventures. Each location comes complete with color maps, detailed NPCs, rich history, and interesting adventure hooks that stimulate your imagination.

Cross an ensorcelled bridge into an ancient land. Visit a very special inn, where the entertainment is head and shoulders above that found anywhere else. Meet the caretaker of a dead god’s final resting place. Watch a traveling show perform legendary stories. And explore eight other locations that will keep your players coming back again and again.

Put the flavor back into roleplaying with Rooms with a View. This 84-page supplement concentrates on helping you create campaign memories that will last for years.

Rooms with a View will be available in two versions—for the third edition and the fifth edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

Coming soon!