Free Fiction

I love to write.

That may seem obvious, but it means that even when I’m working on a novel I sometimes take breaks to write shorter pieces of fiction.

Some of that fiction gets submitted to magazines, but not every story can find a home in a third-party publication. Some of my fiction is too long, or too specific to the world of the Undying Empire, or just isn’t suitable for the current editorial direction of a magazine.

This is where I’m going to share those stories with you directly, for free.

Originally I had no specific schedule for posting my short fiction, but now I’ve committed to writing and posting a new short story each month.

“Undying Empire” stories all take place in the same setting as the novels. The “Kaus Kagunvar Stories” take place in the same world, but will usually be set outside the Undying Empire itself. “Other Stories” take place in a range of different settings and each story is entirely unrelated to the others.

Kaus Kagunvar Stories
  1. The Broken Temple of Yinak
    Kaus Kagunvar escorts the alchemist Ho’gheysh on a quest to recover an item of power from a forgotten temple to a dead god.
Undying Empire Stories
  1. Alabaster
    Porov is a simple mover of goods, and finds himself hired by the great artist Voelus to transport a lifelike statue of a beautiful woman. But there is more to the statue than meets the eye.
  2. Snowfall
    Kell, the witch hunter, is on the trail of a young girl who is leaving a trail of death and destruction through the mountain villages. Their confrontation changes his life forever.
  3. Forgotten
    Lilae is responsible for her small group of orphans living on the streets of Ythis. But when a rich merchant starts hunting one of her friends, the only place left to hide is the Forgotten City, the resting place of all the city’s dead. What she finds there is more than she ever expected.
Other Stories
  1. Echoes
    In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, she wanders alone, consuming the memories of those who once lived there. But her need has driven her to hide in a fortified town, where she is found by a young girl. Will she prove to be the town’s doom, or its salvation?
  2. Pages
    Patrick’s only real friend since his retirement has recently died, and his lawyer asks Patrick to catalog the man’s extensive collection of books. What secrets are hidden the eclectic collection, and do the stories really point to another world?
  3. Exigent
    In a futuristic Rome, invaders from imaginary time attack the Empire, and Arria must avenge the death of her sisters while choosing sides in a war across the cosmos.
  4. Reflection
    An antique mirror becomes the gateway for something sinister to invade the house of Tom and Julie, until Tom can no longer decide what is real and what is a reflection of the horror on the other side of the glass.
  5. Unhidden
    Sophia has been hiding in the basement of the woman’s house, sure that they were no longer hunting her. But the man has now shown up, and it’s only a matter of time before he finds Sophia and takes her back.
    Can she use her gifts to do what must be done to escape?
  6. Inheritance
    Dealing with an elderly parent with dementia can be emotionally exhausting. But is the world inside their mind any less real the one the rest of us experience?
  7. Springtime
    Spring is supposed to be about renewal, about growth, about new beginnings. But the Family isn’t interested in fresh starts, and Francesco is learning there is no easy way out.
  8. Service
    Justin Marley is on his way to recover his friend’s soul before it is sold to the highest bidder, but the owner of Couteau du diable is not ready to part with it without something of value in return.

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